Business Spin Off

Wazihacks #4 and #5 were organised by our partners from UGB (Senegal) and Ispace (Ghana) in late 2017 and early 2018. It was as usual a good occasion to gather developers and proceed to a buisiness spin off.

  • Track Technology (ESMT): To track and monitor goods and services
  • Sunu Karangue (UGB): use of IoT devices for crops monitoring and site security
  • SMART Poulailler (UGB): Integration of IoT devices in hen’s health monitoring
  • Smart Nappe (UGB): IoT for the safety of the fishermen, the follow-up of the refrigerated trucks. Detecting the quantity of fish available but also the quantity remaining, monitoring particular refrigerators in order to guarantee the safety of fish resources.
  • OAT/KITA Mushroom Company Limited (Ispace): Fresh and processed mushroom production
  • Agro World Company Limited (Ispace): They have 2 products: Morifert organic fertilizer and Moritech soil management device