The consortium visits two fish farms in Ghana

WAZIUP partners visited two different real-life testing scenarios that will be used to effectively integrate the real world fish farming situations/solutions with the digital world of WAZIUP.

The test-bed with a small fish farm of 90*90 metres for large ponds (Lazarus Farms) and a large farm which operates several ponds of different sizes (

These two farms are engaged in ponds culture and do both tilapia and catfish. The main needs for this use case validation will be IoT devices responsible for sensing specific parameters (CO2) and communicating with the gateways which store the data locally and/or send them on the Cloud, through the different interfaces provided (WiFi or GPRS/UMTS).

The scenario will provide real-time notifications to farmers about the water quality in fish ponds and informations about possible actions to take. These informations will help farmers to reduce the cost on fish feeding as it very much depends on water quality.