Short training course on rapid protototyping with ACEIoT

WAZIUP organized a short course on IoT rapid application prototyping course in Rwanda in cooperation with ACEIoT (African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things).

The opening ceremony was led by the ICT ministry of Rwanda and there were presentations from the important actors like SmartAfrica initiative, Smart City Innovation, Rwanda Development Board and other international donors.

It was a 5 day training course where 40 students coming from 5 different countries in Africa with mixed background were asked to form groups and to come up with ideas of social problems that could be solved by IoT.

Students were asked to develop a prototype based on WAZIUP technologies and after 3 days were able to develop 9 IoT initial prototype and give a pitch of their social innovation. Certificates were awarded to students who succesfully completed the course.

The training workshop was highly successful and we plan on signing a MoU with ACEIoT for future collaborations.