WAZIHack 2017 at ISpace

From the 20th February to 22nd February 2018 two agricultural capacity building organisations ; AG-STUD Africa Boot Camp and AgriHouse Foundation, in partnership with iSpace Foundation organised the first WAZIHACK in Ghana.

This event was for the benefit of start-ups, entrepreneurs , students and all the people engaging in agriculture development in Ghana.

iSpace Foundation is based in Accra (Ghana) and it’s specialized in the technology start-ups incubation. It hosted a remembered WAZIHACK at the end of February ( from 20th to 22nd February) in partnership with AG-STUD Africa Boot Camp and AgriHouse Foundation. Several activities comprised the two days such as the WAZIHack, student mentor pairing, agriculture career conversation tour and more.

The core of activities was the WAZIHack led by iSpace. They explained to attendees what they should expected from this activity through videos streaming and presenting the devices they will work on. After this point, they put participants into Tech/innovation ideas groups. Six(6) groups presented their business plan but we nominated the best two for awards. The first position went to , Agro World Company Limited for it project titled “Morifert organic fertilizer and Moritech soil management device “and the second position to OAT/KITA Mushroom Company Limited for it idea on “Fresh and processed mushroom production”. The prizes comprised a certificate of recognition and several devices (sensors , Raspberry Pi , arduino, etc.).