WAZIHack Ghana 2017

This event took place in iSpace the 24-25 February 2017. In Ghana, the participants were not very familiar with the Arduinos and LoRa. The format was modified and turned into an Introduction to IoT, the sample sensors, how to assemble the devices, etc.

They were taught how to use WAZIUP in real life, participated in hands on workshops, and followed the showcasing of a sample WAZIUP Application. All WAZIUP consortium partners were present to support and provide training for the IoT enthusiasts who participated. The sample applications are:

Teams Ideas
AGRILOG Marketplace app where people can acquire food collected from farmers and deliver to consumers
AQUATECH Water quality monitoring and leakage system that solves water issues from source to household
Soil Companions Checks for the various minerals in the soil
The BioTeam Provides integrated energy solution to farmers in an environmentally friendly and socially accepted technology
Ecosafe Drainage monitoring system using IoT