WAZIHack Togo 2017

WAZIHACK Togo took place in the capital of Togo, Lome in February 2017. The event lasted three days from 17th to 21th February 2017.

All WAZIUP consortium partners were present to support and provide training for the IoT enthusiasts who participated. About 14 teams participated in the 3 days hackathon, however 3 were selected as the promising IoT MVPs developed using the WAZIUP platform. The final 3 are:

Teams Ideas
Adeyeba (Incubateur Connecté) Connected incubator which allows to check (control) the brooding of eggs automatically
ElevUp Connecting feeding dishes and water troughs of the hens to allow the aviculturists to make a follow-up of the used resources
Urbanatic take advantage of abandoned spaces in in urban areas to turn them into gardens where fruits and vegetables will be cultivated