WAZIUP + Loranga

We are proud to announce you that we have a partnership with LA FÁBRICA ALEGRE to give WAZIUP one (1) Loranga board for every 10 boards sold (when they reach the campaign goal). WAZIUP can then give these boards to some selected African organizations.

Loranga is a Raspberry Pi compatible board designed by La Fabrica Alegre to make it easier to set up an internet connected LoRa IoT network gateway, anywhere a cell phone signal is available. The LoRa technology enables long range, low power and low-cost communication between end nodes. Loranga works out of the box with the excellent open source gateway software from WAZIUP.

La Fábrica Alegre wants to democratize technology, and can’t do it without relevant partners such as WAZIUP. All software and hardware design files prepared by La Fábrica Alegre are available for all IoT enthusiasts, for free, on our Github page. Here you will find all the software needed, based on the WAZIUP gateway code, but also all the data sheets, technical specifications and specific Loranga scripts that will help you get going much faster.