WAZIUP First Milestones

WAZIUP has been evolving since its launch in February 2016. The coordination consortium is progressively making the first steps towards the accomplishment of the objectives targeted.

At the horizon 2019, WAZIUP aims at bringing innovative and adapted solutions to some important difficulties faced by rural communities in Africa by empowering the use of Big Data and internet of things. This ambition primarily focuses on rural settings, but some applications are also addressing challenges in urban environments as well.

WAZIUP milestones :

  • End-users feedback and survey: The principal results of the surveys indicate that 2/3rds of the end users are not aware of the existence and features of the Internet of Things. However, 3 out of 4 end users would be willing and able to implement IoT solutions provided if they have the necessary support. About half, however, would be unwilling to pay for the use of such a tool and most end users would be willing to share the sensors. The general conclusion to be drawn from the analysis of this inquiry is that more dissemination and information on both IOT/Big Data and on what WAZIUP makes possible is necessary
  • Selection of use cases to be validated: farms in Africa require more automation to reduce losses and boost productivity. Data analysis will help customizing and improving overall operations. Several application domains and use cases to be validated were selected like precise agriculture (weather forecasting, soil composition, etc.), cattle rusting (real-time position of the cattle), logistic and supply chain (track, operation, monitor the lorry as well as goods), fish farming (monitoring the water quality of the fish pond, etc.) and urban scenarios (waste, air quality, etc.)
  • Definition of WAZIUP platform specifications: WAZIUP platform will mainly use low-cost long-range technologies such as LoRa Gateway in order to face the specific difficulties faced by the end users. Low costs technologies which will be used or essentialy SMS, phone calls, RFID, bar codes. As a solution to intermittent/unreliable connection, some long-range technologies will be used such as edge computing (local/global cloud), message buffering or components distribution
  • WAZIUP website and community portal launch (www.waziup.eu)