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Cattle Rustling is a recurrent phenomenon observed in many in African countries today. This scourge cause significant losses to farmers and governments. Confronted with this problem farmers have generally no solutions. Internet of Things can be a real solution to defeat this nuisance by first allowing theft detection and further prevent it with an accurate analysis on cattle’s behavior . Many solutions emerged these last years but they are generally design for European countries and these solutions do not fit the real constraints related to African rural context. The main constraint in these rural areas is the difficulty farmers to access the internet and the knowledge on how to use it. These zones are generally not covered by the 3G/4G network. This paper discusses the possible challenges of cattle rustling in Africa and how technology like the internet of things can be used to counter fight the existing menace by unfolding some preventive solutions. We also proposed a prototype based on LoRa (Long Range) technology that allow to identify if an abnormal situation is occurring in a herd. This prototype consist of low power LoRa end-devices and a LoRa Gateway in a single hope communication.